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A new versatile route for polymer coatings with hydrogels

Hydrophilic polymer coatings that control and improve surface properties such as wettability, permeability, adhesion or friction properties are great of interest for materials, biology or medicine fields. Layer-by-layer (LBL) assemblies and polymer brushes are so far the most usual coatings. Hydrogel films go beyond and are real alternative to LBL and brushes as new stable and durable polymer coatings. They have the advantages of versatility : multiscale, multifunctional, simple but well-controlled chemistry… We proposed a facile and universal route for the fabrication of surface-attached polymer network films with well-controlled chemistry and tailored architecture on a wide range of thickness : from a few nanometers to several micrometers. The versatility of our approach is illustrated by the possibility to fabricate various chemical polymer networks, like stimuli-responsive hydrogels, on different solid substrates. Another attractive feature is the development of new complex hydrogel films with targeted architecture : multilayers, interpenetrating networks, nanocomposite hydrogel films…

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