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CEDANO Francisco


Responsables :

  • Costantino Creton
  • Dominique Hourdet
  • Yvette Tran

Bureau H213

Tél. : 33 (0) 1 40 79 45 13


2019 PhD in Physics and Chemistry of Materials. Sorbonne Université. Paris, France
2016 Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering. Universidad de Los Andes. Bogotá, Colombia
2013 Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering. Universidad de Los Andes. Bogotá, Colombia


  1. Early-Stage researcher within the EU H2020 BioSmartTrainee program. Research focuses on underwater adhesion between both synthetic or bio-based hydrogels and functionalized surfaces. From molecular electrostatic interactions to macroscopic underwater adhesion.
  2. Research Assistant at the Department of Biomedical Engineering. Universidad de los Andes. Research focus on the Evaluation of mechanical performance and biocompatibility of chitosan/alginate-based adhesives with potential use as bone adhesives for trauma surgery


  1. Cedano-Serrano, F.J. ; Sidoli, U. ; Synystka, A. ; Tran, Y. ; Hourdet, D. ; Creton, C. From Molecular Electrostatic Interactions to Macroscopic Underwater Adherence. In preparation.
  2. Dompé, M. ; Cedano-Serrano, F.J. ; Heckert O. ; Van den Heuvel, N. ; Van der Gucht, J. ; Creton, C. ; Kamperman, M. Thermoresponsive Complex Coacervates : a New Strategy for a Bio-inspired In-situ Setting Underwater Adhesive. In preparation.
  3. Jaramillo, J. ; Valencia-Rivero, K. T. ; Cedano-Serrano, F. J. ; López, R. ; Sandoval, N. ; Briceño, J. Design and Evaluation of a Structural Reinforced Small Intestinal Submucosa Vascular Graft for Hemodialysis Access in a Porcine Model. ASAIO J. 2018, 64 (2), 270–277.
  4. Pinzon, L. M. ; Cedano-Serrano, F.J. ; Castro, C. I. ; Briceño, J. C. ; Casas, J. P. ; Tabima, D. M. ; Salcedo, F. Formulation and Characterization of Chitosan-Based Biocomposites with Potential Use for Bone Adhesion. Int. J. Polym. Mater. Polym. Biomater. 2017, 66 (14), 697–707.
  5. Cedano-Serrano, F. J. ; Pinzón, L. M. ; Narváez, D. M. ; Castro Paéz, C. I. ; Moreno-Serrano, C. L. ; Tabima, D. M. ; Salcedo, F. ; Briceno, J. C. ; Casas-Rodriguez, J. P. Evaluation of a Water-Resistant and Biocompatible Adhesive with Potential Use in Bone Fractures. J. Adhes. Sci. Technol. 2017, 31 (13), 1480–1495.


  1. International Symposium on Polyelectrolytes. Wageningen, The Netherlands. August 26-31. 2018. (Plenary oral presentation)
  2. The Adhesion Society, 41st Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, USA. February 25 to March 1st. 2018. (Oral)
  3. Gordon Research Conference. Science of Adhesion. South Hadley, MA, USA, July 22-28, 2017. (Poster)
  4. The Adhesion Society, 39th Annual Meeting. San Antonio, TX, USA, February 21-24. 2016. (Poster)
  5. The Adhesion Society, 38th Annual Meeting, Savannah, GA, USA. February 21-25. 2015. (Oral)
  6. Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES). San Antonio, TX, USA. October 22-25. 2014. (Oral)
  7. International Society of Biomechanics ISB. Natal, Brazil. August 4-10, 2013. (Poster)