Durability and porosity of geopolymers

Supervisor : Jean‐Baptiste d’Espinose

Contact : jean-baptiste.despinose (arobase) espci.fr

Metakaolin or byproducts of the steel industry with similar composition and chemical reactivity are increasingly used as cement additives or even substitutes to decrease the carbon imprint of construction materials.
We are looking for two postdocs to study the relationship between reactivity, porosity and durability in metakaolin‐based geopolymers or other alkali‐activated materials in collaboration with an industrial group active in the field of construction materials.
Although the study will target specific applications, we will focus on basic understandings of the relevant interfacial chemistry by mobilizing state‐of‐the‐art techniques such as multidimentional and DNP enhanced NMR, synchrotron x‐rays and proton relaxometry. Macroscopic properties such as the rheological behavior and water sorption will be equally mobilized.
Applicants must hold a PhD in chemistry or physics, master at least one of the above mentioned physical methods and have good reporting skills as demonstrated by peer‐reviewed publications. The two positions are initially limited to one year and to 6 months but the project are expected to evolve into a longer‐term collaboration with the industrial partner, so extensions are highly probable.
The starting date is between September and late December. Net salary (after deduction for health insurance and benefits) varies between 25 000 € and 35 000 € depending on experience.
The SIMM laboratory is located at ESPCI Paris, a world‐renown research institution and a member of the PSL Research University, in the heart of the Parisian Latin Quarter.
Interested applicants should send a CV and contact information for two references to: Jean‐Baptiste d’Espinose : jean-baptiste.despinose (arobase) espci.fr
Soft Matter Science and Engineering Laboratory, ESPCI Paris


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