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Particles at Liquid Interfaces and Particle-stabilised Aqueous Foams

Antonio Stocco Laboratoire Charles Coulomb, University of Montpellier 2 & CNRS, France

What happens at the interface of particle dispersions ? Do particles lie at the wetting angle and fully pack at the water surface ? (A) In the first part of this talk, I will introduce some issues on the attachment of (nano)particles at the water interface. Interfacial energy landscapes will be discussed after presenting in-situ contact angle measurements of 100 nm particles at the air-water.

Interfaces populated by silica (nano)particles and particle-stabilised foams will be described in second part of the talk. Here, indirect and in-situ experiments on planar interfaces (A), free standing films (B), bubbles (C) and foams (D) will help understanding the stabilization mechanisms in particle-stabilised aqueous foams.

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