Polymer enhanced foam for conformance

2 years Post-doc position in the joint ESPCI/TOTAL/CNRS/SU laboratory

Foam is a promising technique for conformance (or called “profile correction”), a way to force the flow in low permability domains in a heterogeneous reservoir. However, foam is usually instable in the post water/gas flooding after the foam conformance. Therefore, polymer is proposed to be added for enhancing the foam stability.
This post-doc position is mainly involved in the lab work at Lacq (South of France), and focuses on the interactions between surfactants and polymers at the water/gas interface, and its consequences on foam stability. The tasks of the position includes :
(1) Investigating the influence of physical parameters on foam stability : the electrostatic charge of the surfactant and polymer, polymer molecular weight, hydrophobic interaction, etc.
(2) Selecting the most effective criterion for predicting the influence of polymer on foam stability
(3) Providing and improving the formulation which will be applied in the field.
Requirement : solid background on soft matters, especially for polymer and surfactant. Enough experience for working on the surface chemistry, especially for foam and surface rheology. Basic knowledge on analytical chemistry, especially for HPLC. The candidate should be self-motivated and collaborative (team-work).

Academic Supervisors : François LEQUEUX and Nicolas SANSON,
e-mail : francois.lequeux (arobase) espci.fr

Industrial Supervisors : Leyu Cui, N. Passade-Boupat
e-mail : leyu.cui (arobase) total.com

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