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  • Local friction of rubbing interfaces with rubbers, Antoine Chateauminois et Christian Fretigny with Alexis Prevost and Elie Vandersman LJP, ENS Paris, Manoj K. Chaudhury Lehigh Univ.

  • Friction of nano-patterned surfaces with rubbers, Antoine Chateauminois and Christian Frétigny with Nic Spencer ETH Zürich, PhD thesis of Danh Toan Nguyen.

  • Frictional instabilities within frictional contacts between rubbers and patterned glass surfaces. Antoine Chateauminois and Christian Frétigny with Etienne Barthel and Jérémie Teisseire, Saint Gobain/ESPCI/X Chair SVI Saint Gobain, post-doc of Marie-Charlotte Audry.

  • Cyclic plasticity of glassy polymers within confined contacts, Antoine Chateauminois and Christian Fretigny with Alexey Lyulin Eindhoven University, post-doct of Eric Janiaud
  • Shear failure of biomimetic fibrilar adhesives, Antoine Chateauminois and Christian Fretigny in collaboration with Metin Sitti Carnegie Mellon University. Master internship of Marco Piccardo.
  • Thermal waves in layered samples (with Danièle Fournier et Jean-Yves Duquesne, LPeM/ESPCI and INSP/UPMC.
  • Polymers for bonding and as substrates in microelectronics (with Hubert Moriceau, PhD thesis of Maxime Argoud at LETI.
  • Direct bonding and self-alignment for 3D-integration of microelectronic chips. (with Léa Di Cioccio, Loïc Sanchez and Jean Berthier, PhD thesis of Sébastien Mermoz at LETI.
  • Physical and chemical aspects of soil-water availability (with Remi Dreyfus, PhD thesis of Cesare Cejas, at COMPASS.