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Lectures on friction and fracture

Jay Fineberg The Racah Institute of Physics, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Fast fracture in slow motion : Dynamic fracture in brittle gels and the structure of the near-tip region- experiment and theory
Jeudi 5 février 2015 : 10h00-11h00 Amphi Schützenberger


This first lecture would kind of give an introduction to dynamic fracture mechanics and show how linear elastic fracture mechanics can be generalized to include nonlinear elasticity. These are mostly older results - that could set the stage for the newer stuff that I would talk about later...


Ever more singular : Instability in Dynamic Fracture
Mardi 10 février 2015 : 10h00-11h00 Amphi Urbain


This second talk will include things that are not included in usual fracture mechanics - basically a combination of both some old results about waves that propagate along a crack front together with very new results showing the physics within dynamic crack fronts - and some new work that suggests a new view of crack instabilities.


Friction is fracture
Vendredi 13 février 2015 : 10h00-11h00 Amphi Joliot


This third talk will introduce new work about how we can view classical friction as a "classical" shear fracture problem - basically suggesting a fundamental new paradigm for friction - with some new (as yet unpublished) results that show what it is good for.