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Micromechanics of amorphous silicates

This research project focuses on the ’’’plastic deformation’’’ of silicate glasses. In practice, contacts, scratches and wear can indeed produce surface flaws on glass components, and these flaws drastically reduce the macroscopic ’’’strength’’’. The formation of such flaws can involve permanent deformation of the amorphous material at the micron-scale, the so-called micro-plasticity. Micro-plasticity could also explain the difference between the surface energy and the fracture energy of glasses : (...)

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Micropillar compression

Accurate assessment of the constitutive law of amorphous silica can be brought by an experiment generating a quasi-homogeneous stress state in the sample. We use uniaxial compression for that reason, which has to be performed at the microns scale in order to make the plastic deformation more energetically favorable than fracture.
Micro-pillars of 5 µm in height and 3 µm in diameter have been manufactured by Reactive Ion Etching by the FEMTO-ST Institute within the MIMENTO technologic (...)

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