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Current research projects

Effects of stretching on the contact and frictional properties of rubber.

We are investigating the effects surface stretching on the frictional properties of rubber within smooth contact interfaces with glass.

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Local friction of rubber with rough surfaces

This project is devoted to the local analysis of steady-state friction within contact interfaces formed between smooth rubber surfaces and rigid rough counterfaces. The local friction law is determined from spatially resolved measurements of the displacement field at the surface of the soft rubber substrate.

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Transient frictional processes

We investigate the dynamics of transient frictional processes such as the stiction of adhesive contacts or stick-slip motions. Both phenomena involve strongly non homogeneous sliding processes which require a local analysis of the contact interface. Using a previously developed contact imaging approach, we are able to measure time and space resolved displacement fields within contacts between a smooth silicone rubber and a glass lens.
With M.C. Audry, A. Chateauminois and C. Frétigny (...)

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Contact and wetting properties of thin hydrogels layers

With Jessica Delavoipière, Yvette Tran and Emilie Verneuil
In collaboration with C.-Y. Hui, Cornell University
We investigate the interplay between elastic properties of thin (a few µm in the swollen state) films of hydrogel networks, their swelling state and their wetting and frictional properties based on contact and mist experiments. Model hydrogel networks are elaborated using a click-chemistry route. By playing with the chemical nature of the constituents and their structure (crosslink (...)

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