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Past Research Projects

Contact mechanics of coated substrates

Analytical contact mechanics models were developped and applied to the stress analysis of confined polymer films under indentation loading. These approaches have been extended to adhesive contacts of thin films.

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Plastic properties of mechanically confined polymer films

This research project was directed toward the analysis of the cyclic plastic behavior of polymer glasses in relation to ageing/rejuvenation processes. New contact methods using thin (10-100 µm) films were developed in order to investigate the changes in the shear properties of polymers during and after cyclic plastic deformations. Issues related to viscoelastic and plastic behaviour under hydrostatic pressure were also addressed.

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Third body formation under combined sliding micromotions

The objective was to analyse the effects of the contact zone kinematics on the formation of third bodies within dry contacts between polymers and rigid counterfaces. This problem is relevant of many practical tribological applications where complex sliding motions are induced by the mechanical loading of the contacting parts (hip joints, gears...).
By means of an original fretting device, the wear behaviour of a PMMA/steel system has been investigated under frictional conditions combining, to various extents, torsional and linear sliding micro-motions.

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