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  • Polymer diffusion at solid interfaces : Wetting precursor films of polymer melts in pseudo partial condition - With François Lequeux, Hélène Montès, Christian Frétigny
  • Transfers in thin hydrogel films : swelling, friction and mechanics – With Antoine Chateauminois and Yvette Tran
  • Liquid films squeezed at oil/solid interfaces : Surfactant-controlled stability and dynamics of drainage and dewetting – with François Lequeux and Laurence Talini
  • Wetting and dissolution of hydrosoluble polymers – with François Lequeux and Laurence Talini

Recent papers on Polymer melts precursor films

C. Schune, M. Yonger, B. Bresson, C. Fretigny, L. Guy, T. Chaussée, F. Lequeux, H. Montes, and E. Verneuil. Combining Ellipsometry and AFM To Probe Subnanometric Precursor Film Dynamics of Polystyrene Melts. Langmuir, 35(24) :7727–7734 2019

Recent papers on Thin hydrogel films

J. Delavoipière, B. Heurtefeu, J. Teisseire, A. Chateauminois, Y. Tran, M. Fermigier, and E. Verneuil. Swelling Dynamics of Surface-Attached Hydrogel Thin Films in Vapor Flows. Langmuir, 34(50) :15238–15244 2018

J. Delavoipière, Y. Tran, E. Verneuil, B. Heurtefeu, C. Y. Hui, and A. Chateauminois. Friction of Poroelastic Contacts with Thin Hydrogel Films. Langmuir, 34(33) :9617–9626, 2018

J. Delavoipiere, Y. Tran, E. Verneuil, and A. Chateauminois. Poroelastic indentation of mechanically confined hydrogel layers. Soft Matter, 12 :8049–8058 2016

Recent papers on liquid films at oil/solid/surfactants interfaces

L. Bluteau, M. Bourrel, N. Passade-Boupat, L. Talini, E. Verneuil, and F. Lequeux. Water film squeezed between oil and solid : drainage towards stabilization by disjoining pressure. Soft Matter, 13 :1384–1395. 2017

Recent papers on Wetting and dissolution of hydrosoluble polymers

P. Valois, E. Verneuil, F. Lequeux, and L. Talini. Understanding the role of molar mass and stirring in polymer dissolution. Soft Matter, 12 :8143 – 8154 2016

F. Lequeux, L.Talini, E.Verneuil, G.Delannoy, and P.Valois. Wetting of polymers by their solvents. European Physical Journal E, 39 :12, 2016

J. Dupas, E. Verneuil, M. Van Landeghem, B. Bresson, L. Forny, M. Ramaioli, F. Lequeux, and L. Talini. Glass transition accelerates the spreading of polar solvents on a soluble polymer. Phys. Rev. Lett., 112 2014

J. Dupas, E. Verneuil, L. Talini, F. Lequeux, M. Ramaioli, and L. Forny. Diffusion and evaporation control the spreading of volatile droplets onto soluble films. Interfacial Phenomena and Heat Transfer, 1(3) :231–243 2013

J. Dupas, E. Verneuil, M. Ramaioli, L. Forny, L. Talini, and F. Lequeux. Dynamic wetting on thin film of soluble polymer : Effects of non-linearities in the sorption isotherm. Langmuir, 29 :12572–12578, 2013

Past research

@ Physics Department, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Transition de blocage de suspensions concentrées de microgels - Avec Kerstin Nordstrom, Douglas Durian, Jerry Gollub

K. N. Nordstrom, E. Verneuil, P. E. Arratia, A. Basu, Z. Zhang, A. G. Yodh, J. P. Gollub, and D. J. Durian. Microfluidic Rheology of Soft Colloids above and below Jamming. Physical Review Letters, 105(17) 2010

K. N. Nordstrom, E. Verneuil, W. G. Ellenbroek, T. C. Lubensky, J. P. Gollub, and D. J. Durian. Centrifugal compression of soft particle packings : Theory and experiment. Physical Review E, 82(4, Part 1) 2010

@ Hatsopoulos Microfluids Laboratory, Massachussets Institute of Technology, USA

Ecoulements élastocapillaires dans des structures minces flexibles

T. B. Hoberg, E. Verneuil, and A. E. Hosoi. Elastocapillary flows in flexible tubes. Physics of Fluids, 26 2014

Previous publications

E Verneuil, ML Cordero, F. Gallaire, CN Baroud “Laser-induced force on a microfluidic drop: origin and magnitude” Langmuir 25 (9), pp 5127–5134 (2009)

M.L. Cordero, E. Verneuil, F. Gallaire, C.N. Baroud “Time-resolved temperature rise in a thin liquid film due to laser absorption” Phys Rev E 79, 011201 (2009)

E. Verneuil, R.J.Phillips, L. Talini, “Axisymmetric two-sphere sedimentation in a shear thinning viscoelastic fluid : Particle interactions and induced fluid velocity fields” Journal of Rheology 51 (6) 1343-1359 (2007)

M. Lamblet, E. Verneuil, P. Silberzan, T. Vilmin, L. Léger, “Adhesion enhancement through micropatterning at polydimethylsiloxane-acrylic interfaces”, Langmuir 23 pp 6966-6074 (2007)

E. Verneuil, B. Ladoux, A. Buguin, P. Silberzan "Adhesion on microstructured surfaces" The Journal of Adhesion, 83 pp 1-24 (2007)

D. Bartolo, F. Bouamrirène, E. Verneuil, A. Buguin, P. Silberzan, S. Moulinet, "Bouncing or sticky droplets : impalement transitions on micropatterned surfaces", Europhys. Lett. 74 pp 299-305 (2006)

E. Verneuil, A. Buguin, P. Silberzan, “Permeation induced flows : consequences for silicone based microfluidics”, Europhys. Lett., 68 (3), pp 412-418 (2004)


Practical information

Sciences et Ingénierie de la Matière Molle

Soft Matter Sciences and Enginering - UMR 7615

10 rue Vauquelin
75231 PARIS CEDEX 05

  • Chair : E. Barthel
  • Steering Committee : J.B. d’Espinose, A. Chateauminois, Y. Tran, B.Bresson
  • Administration : F. Decuq & Odile Neveu
  • Communication : A. Hakopian & M. Ciccotti
  • Information Technology : A. Hakopian
  • Safety, Health and Environment Assistant : F. Martin & M. Hanafi

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