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Soft Matter Sciences study objects whose macroscopic properties are strongly correlated to their mesoscopic structure. The current importance of this discipline relies heavily on the understanding and controlled elaboration of objects at submicrometer scales. The basic concepts have been maturing for about 30 years, in particular under the impulse of Pierre-Gilles de Gennes. They are based on fields as diverse as statistical physics, mechanics, hydrodynamics, surface physics and chemistry. They have irrigated new fields such as biophysics and material sciences but also shed new light on a large number of industrial problems, in particular for polymeric materials, cements, glues, detergents, etc...

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Internal field cobalt NMR unveils new pathways for green chemistry

Carbon hydrogasification is the slowest reaction among all carbon-involved small molecule (...)

Des nanomoules organiques de taille contrôlée pour réaliser des nanoparticules d’or par radiolyse

Les nanoparticules offrent de nouvelles propriétés spécifiquement liées à leur taille. (...)

ECIS 2021: Conference of The European Colloid and Interface Society

Julien Es Sayed won the award for the best oral presentation by a young scientist at the 35th (...)

Effets mémoire en frottement: au coeur du contact

Dans un article récemment publié dans les Proceedings of the Royal Society A, nous apportons un (...)

Des mousses pour récupérer proprement les métaux des e-déchets

Une équipe du SIMM en collaboration avec L IRCP a développé des mousses aqueuses qui permettent d (...)

Van der Waals forces modify the fluctuations of the surface of a liquid film

This effect has been measured in collaboration between SIMM, SVI (Saint-Gobain-CNRS) and LOMA (...)

Quantifying Molecular Damage during Elastomer Fracture

When rubbery materials (elastomers) are stretched, they typically extend elastically and spring (...)

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Les travaux de Cécile Monteux à l’honneur

Porteuse du projet « Chimie et recyclage en mousse », Cécile Monteux, directrice de recherche CNRS (...)

Cavitation’s victory

During PC Focus, taking place last February, a photo contest took place. Each person being a (...)

Watching interfaces at nanometric scales: Jean Comtet awarded with the Édouard Branly Prize

Jean Comtet, CNRS researcher at the SIMM laboratory, is co-recipient of the Edouard Branly 2021 (...)

Club Emulsion 2022 - 37th edition

June 9 and 10, 2022 on the Pierre and Marie Curie campus of Sorbonne Université in Paris. The (...)

Journées thématiques du GdR SLAMM - Rencontre Matières Molles / Industrie

30 et 31 mai 2022, à l’ESPCI (Paris) - Amphithéâtre de l’Institut Pierre Gilles de Gennes Le but de (...)

Loren Jørgensen rejoint le SIMM

Nous avons le plaisir d’accueillir Loren Jørgensen qui nous rejoint en qualité d’IR CNRS à partir (...)

Costantino Creton is the recipient of the Grand Prize Fondation Michelin of the Académie des sciences 2021

The Michelin Foundation - Academy of Sciences Grand Prize 2021 has been awarded to Costantino (...)

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Sciences et Ingénierie de la Matière Molle

Soft Matter Sciences and Enginering - UMR 7615

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