CAID: Colloids, Assemblies and Interfacial Dynamics

The macroscopic usage properties of complex heterogeneous systems such as suspensions, emulsions and foams are determined by the structure and interfacial properties of its constituents at the mesoscale. A dramatic practical example is the flow properties of a cement paste that can be altered by the effect of polymer admixtures on the aggregation state of the mineral particles in the suspension. Another one is foam stability that can be altered by surfactants conformation and dynamics. In general terms, our goal is to identify, modify and control the mesoscopic chemical structure or physical phenomenon impacting the behavior of soft formulated systems.

An originality of our research has been a particular focus on responsive macromolecular systems. Indeed, within our stated objective to impact macroscopic properties, chemistry offers an opportunity to force metastable mesoscopic structures and make them respond to external stimulus such as light or temperature. Our research therefore involves a close collaboration between physicists and chemists.

Beyond this unity of interest and method, our research can be subdivided in three general areas: organomineral assembly (stability and rheology control by polymers), transfer (wetting and drying) and switchable interfaces (foam and emulsions).

Permanent members

Jean-Baptiste d’Espinose
Guylaine Ducouret
Artem Kovalenko
Cécile Monteux
Théo Merland
Nadège Pantoustier
Patrick Perrin
Nicolas Sanson

PhD students and postdocs

Nathan Ferrandin-Schoffel
Thi Phuong Thu Nguyen
Dimitri Radajewski
Mohammad Nassar

PhD students
Paula Araujo-Gomes
Maxime Bès
Antoine Brezault
Lily Blaiset
Sixtine de Chateauneuf-Randon
Raquel Da Costa
Pierre Jeudy
Hiam Khachfe
Lazare Mesnier
Léa Milenkovic
Lyna Oulhaci
Anne Rousseau
Léna Vincent
Wei Wang


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