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Tel. : 33 (0) 1 40 79 44 17

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Research Areas :

Mots clés: Interfaces molles, films, émulsions, mousses, microémulsions, assemblages de polymères, systèmes stimulables


Publications :

sélections de publications:

P. PERRIN, R. E. PRUD’ HOMME Macromolecules 27(7), 1852 (1994)
« SAXS measurements of interfacial thickness in amorphous polymer blends containing a diblock copolymer »

P. PERRIN Langmuir 14, 5977 (1998)
« Amphiphilic copolymers : a new route to produce monodisperse emulsions »

Langmuir 15, 2112 (1999)
« Adsorption of hydrophobically modified poly(acrylic acid) sodium salt at the air/water interface by combined surface tension and X-ray reflectivity measurements »

F. MILLET, P. PERRIN, J.J. BENATTAR Phys. Rev. E 60, 2045 (1999)
« Vertical free standing films of amphiphilic associating polymers »

P. PERRIN Langmuir 16, 881 (2000)
« Droplet-droplet interactions in both direct and inverse emulsions stabilized by a balanced amphiphilic polyelectrolyte »

P. PERRIN Langmuir 16, 4774 (2000)
« A one-step method to create and immobilize the ordered structures of fluid dispersions »

P. PERRIN, N. DEVAUX, P. SERGOT, F. LEQUEUX Langmuir 17, 2656 (2001)
« Shear-induced formation of ordered monodisperse emulsions stabilized by an associative amphiphilic polyelectrolyte »

F. MILLET, J-. J. BENATTAR, P. PERRIN Macromolecules 34, 7076 (2001)
« Structures of free-standing vertical thin films of hydrophobically modified poly(sodium acrylate)s »

I. PORCAR, P. PERRIN, C. TRIBET Langmuir 17, 6905 (2001)
« UV-visible light : a novel route to tune the type of an emulsion »

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« Preparation and rheological properties of emulsion gels »

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« Logarithmic adsorption of charged polymeric surfactants at the air/water interface »

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« Amphiphilic polyelectrolytes for the stabilization of multiple emulsions »

20 P. PERRIN, I. PORCAR, C. TRIBET Polym. Int. 52, 465 (2003)
« Stimuli-responsive emulsions stabilized by polymeric surfactants »

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«A new oil-associative polymer for stabilizing inverse emulsions: strategy, synthesis, and physicochemical properties »

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“Interface composition of multiple emulsions: rheology as a probe”

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“Hydrophobically Modified Poly(acrylic acid) using 3-pentadecylcyclohexylamine: Synthesis and Rheology"

S. KHOUKH, P. PERRIN, F. BES DE BERC, C. TRIBET ChemPhysChem 6, 2009 (2005)
“Reversible light-triggered control of emulsion type and stability”

N. P. IYER, D. HOURDET, M. V. BADIGER, C. CHASSENIEUX, P. PERRIN, P. WADGAONKAR Polymer 46, 12190-12199 (2005)
“Synthesis and swelling behaviour of hydrophobically modified responsive polymers in dilute aqueous solutions”

S. KHOUKH, C. TRIBET, P. PERRIN Coll. and Surfaces A 288, 121-130 (2006)
«Screening physicochemical parameters to tuning the reversible light-triggered control of emulsion type»

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«Adsorption of random polyampholytes at the silica water interface»

S. KHOUKH, R. ODA, T. LABROT, P. PERRIN, C. TRIBET Langmuir 23(1), 94-104 (2007)
«Light-responsive hydrophobic association of azobenzene-modified polyacrylic acid with neutral surfactants»

S. SANJUAN, P. PERRIN, N. PANTOUSTIER, Y. TRAN Langmuir, 23, 5769-5778 (2007)
«Synthesis and swelling behavior of pH-responsive polybase brushes»

F. MARCHAL, A. ROUDOT, N. PANTOUSTIER, P. PERRIN, J. DAILLANT, P. GUENOUN J. Phys. Chem. B, 111, 13151-13155 (2007)
“Emulsion stabilization and inversion using a pH-and temperature-sensitive amphiphilic copolymer”

Ouvrage(s) ou extrait(s)

P. PERRIN, F. MILLET, B. CHARLEUX in T. Radeva ed.: Physical Chemistry of Polyelectrolytes, Surfactant Science Series, Volume 99, 2001, Marcel Dekker NY, Basel, Chapter 13, p. 363-445
“Emulsions stabilized by polyelectrolytes”

P. PERRIN, F. PRIGENT, P. HEBRAUD in « Multiple Emulsions : Technology and Applications” A. Aserin ed.: 2007, Wiley Interscience, Chapter 2
“Structure and Rheology of Stable Multiple Emulsions”


Demande de brevet International (WO 00/31154) déposée le 23 novembre 1998, Compagnie des Services Dowell-Schlumberger S. A.
“Invertible emulsions stabilized by amphiphilic polymers and application to bore fluids”

M.V. Badiger, P.P.Wadgaonkar, A.K.Lele, A.S.Shedge, D.Hourdet, P.Perrin and C. Chassenieux
US Patent (filled on December 28, 2004; US Application Serial number 11/022,930)
“Hydrophobically Modified Poly(acrylic acid)[PAA] and preparation thereof”

M.V. Badiger, P.P.Wadgaonkar, A.K.Lele, A.S.Shedge, V.S.Kadam, D.Hourdet, P.Perrin and C. Chassenieux
US Patent (filed)
“3-PentadecylcyclohexylAmine, Preparation Thereof and Preparation of Hydrophobically Modified Poly(Acrylic Acid)”


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