Nicolas SANSON

Associate Professor

Sorbonne Université

Office : D060A

Tél. : 33 (0) 1 40 79 44 17

nicolas.sanson (arobase)

Short Bio :

 2007: Associate Professor (Université Pierre et Marie Curie, UPMC)
 2006: Postdoctoral Fellow (Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal, CRPP, Bordeaux ; Virginie Ponsinet)
 2005: Postdoctoral Fellow (University of Toronto, Pr. Eugénia Kumacheva)
 2005: PhD (University of Montpellier, Institut Charles Gerhardt, Corine Gérardin and François Fajula)

Research areas :

Stimuli-responsive Materials
Core-shell nanoparticles Design
Self-Assembly and Self-Organization of nanoparticles
Smart Microgels and Nanoparticle Microgel Hybrids

Teaching Activities :

Colloidal Chemistry
Physical Chemistry of Polymers

Publications :

 J. Es Sayed, C. Lorthioir, P. Perrin, N. Sanson, PEGylated PNiPAM Microgels : Synthesis, Characterization and Colloidal Stability, Soft Matter pdf
 H. Bessaies-Bey, J. Fusier, S. Harrisson, M. Destarac, S .Jouenne, N. Passade-Boupat, F. Lequeux, J.-B. d’Espinose de Lacaillerie, N. Sanson, Impact of polyacrylamide adsorption on flow through porous siliceous materials: State of the art, discussion and industrial concern, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 2018, 531, 693.[]
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 H. Guo, C. Mussault, A. Brûlet, A. Marcellan, D. Hourdet, N. Sanson, Thermoresponsive Toughening in LCST-Type Hydrogels with Opposite Topology: From Structure to Fracture Properties, Macromolecules, 2016, 49, 4295-4306. pdf
 H. Guo, N. Sanson, D. Hourdet, A. Marcellan, Thermoresponsive Toughening with Crack Bifurcation in Phase-Separated Hydrogels under Isochoric Conditions, Advanced Materials, 2016, DOI 10.1002/adma.201600514
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 N. Sanson, F. Bouyer, M. Destarac, M. In, C. Gérardin, Hybrid Polyion Complex Micelles Formed from Double Hydrophilic Block Copolymers and Multivalent Metal Ions: Size Control and Nanostructure, Langmuir, 2012, 28, 3773. pdf
 C. Durand-Gasselin, N. Sanson, N. Lequeux, Reversible controlled assembly of thermosensitive polymer-coated gold nanoparticles, Langmuir, 2011, 27, 12329. pdf
 C. Grazon, J. Rieger, N. Sanson, B. Charleux, Study of poly(N,N-diethylacrylamide) nanogel formation by aqueous dispersion polymerization of N,Ndiethylacrylamide in the presence of poly(ethylene oxide)-b-poly(N,N-dimethylacrylamide) amphiphilic
macromolecular RAFT agents
, Soft Matter, 2011, 7, 3482. pdf
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 N. Sanson, J. Rieger, Synthesis of nanogels/microgels by conventional and controlled radical crosslinking copolymerization, Polymer Chemistry, 2010, 1, 965. pdf
(One of most-read papers in august, september, october, november, december 2010 and january 2011)
 E. Muro, T. Pons, N. Lequeux, A. Fragola, N. Sanson, Z. Lenkei, B. Dubertret, Small and Stable Sulfobetaine Zwitterionic Quantum Dots for Functional Live-Cell Imaging, Journal of American Chemical Society, 2010, 132, 4556. pdf
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