Mechanic Characterization Platform

The Mechanic Characterization Platform of UMR7615 (SIMM) is available for any mechanical characterization from liquid to solid materials.

The platform is equipped with rheometers, dynamic mechanical analyzers, tensile devices and several non-standard experimental setups. Shared with the Federation of Chemistry and Materials of Paris Centre (FCMat), it is accessible to the academic and industrial scientific research community in the framework of collaborative projects or expertise.

The diversity of our equipment enables us to characterize a very wide variety of materials in soft matter, ranging from very fluid to very stiff materials, including soft polymer gels, yield stress fluids, colloidal suspensions, pastes, granular materials, soft adhesives, or tough elastomers.


For rheology characterization (mainly liquids), please contact Loren Jørgensen, who is a research engineer in charge of the rheology platform since 2023. Depending on your needs and our availabilities, it is possible to ask for different services:

  Advice, expertise, participation in research projects;
  Training and accompaniment of regular users on the rheometers;
  Development of original non-standard setups, especially those coupling rheology and local and/or structural characterization techniques (microscopy, diffusion…).

Contact : loren.jorgensen (arobase) -

Devices :
• Controlled stress rheometer, TA instruments DHR3 (with lower Peltier plate)
• Controlled stress rheometer, TA instruments AR-G2 (with lower Peltier plate)
• Controlled stress rheometer, Anton Paar MCR501 (with oven)
• Controlled stress rheometer, Thermo Scientific (ex-Haake) RS600 (with lower Peltier plate)
• Controlled shear rate rheometer, TA instruments ARES
• « Low shear » rheometer, Lamy LS400
• Capillary viscometer, Schott (automatic dilutions)

Note: some of them are old and fragile, and cannot be used in autonomy.


The platform is mainly equipped with tensile devices.
Contact : bruno.bresson (arobase)


Practical information

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