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Etienne Barthel

November 2018


Refereed journal papers

A 85) Nonlinear Viscoelastic Modeling of Adhesive Failure for Polyacrylate Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives

Chopin, J.; Villey, R.; Yarusso, D.; Barthel, E.; Creton, C. & Ciccotti, M.

Macromolecules 51 (2018) 8605-8610.

A 84) Stress in thin films and coatings: Current status, challenges, and prospects

Abadias, G.; Chason, E.; Keckes, J.; Sebastiani, M.; Thompson, G. B.; Barthel, E.; Doll, G. L.; Murray, C. E.; Stoessel, C. H. & Martinu, L.

Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A: Vacuum, Surfaces, and Films 36 (2018) 020801.

A 83) Influence of water diffusion in deposited silicon oxides on direct bonding of hydrophilic surfaces

Desomberg, J.; Fournel, F.; Moriceau, H.; Roule, A.; Barthel, E. & Rieutord, F.

Microsystem Technologies 24 (2018) 801- 808.

A 82) Plastic response of amorphous silicates, from atomistic simulations to experiments - A general constitutive relation.

Molnar, G.; Kermouche, G. & Barthel, E.

Mechanics of Materials 114 (2017) 1-8

A 81) Large strain viscoelastic dissipation during interfacial rupture in laminated glass.

Elziere, Paul; Dalle-Ferrier, Cecile; Creton, Costantino; Barthel, Etienne; Ciccotti, Matteo

Soft Matter 13 (2017) 1624-1633

A 80) From telephone cords to branched buckles: A phase diagram

Jean-Yvon, Faou; Grachev, Sergey; Barthel, Etienne; Parry, Guillaume

Acta Materialia 125 (2017) 524-531

A 79) Perfectly plastic flow in silica glass

Kermouche, G.; Guillonneau, G.; Michler, J.; Teisseire, J.; Barthel, E.

Acta Materialia 114 (2016) 146-153

A 78) Densification dependent yield criteria for sodium silicate glasses - An atomistic simulation approach

Molnar, Gergely; Ganster, Patrick; Tanguy, Anne; Barthel, Etienne; Kermouche, Guillaume

Acta Materialia 111 (2016) 129-137

A 77) Impact of pressure on plastic yield in amorphous solids with open structure

Mantisi, B.; Kermouche, G.; Barthel, E.; Tanguy, A.

Physical Review E 93 (2016) 033001

A 76) Wetting against the nap - how asperity inclination determines unidirectional spreading

Contraires, Elise; Teisseire, Jeremie; Sondergard, Elin; Barthel, Etienne

Soft Matter 12 (2016) 6067-6072

A75) Analysis of soda-lime glasses using non-negative matrix factor deconvolution of Raman spectra

Woelffel, William; Claireaux, Corinne; Toplis, Michael J.; Burov, Ekaterina; Barthel, Etienne; Shukla, Abhay; Biscaras, Johan; Chopinet, Marie-Helene; Gouillart, Emmanuelle

Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 428 (2016) 121-131

A 74) Surface Fraction Dependence of Contact Angles Induced by Kinks in the Triple Line

Rivetti, M.; Teisseire, J. & Barthel, E.

Phys. Rev. Lett. 115 (2015) 016101

A 73) Morphology, Nanocrystallinity, and Elastic Properties of Single Domain ε-Co Supracrystals

Gauvin, M.; Yang, N.; Barthel, E.; Arfaoui, I.; Yang, J.; Albouy, P.-A. & Pileni, M.-P.

The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119 (2015) 7483--7490.

A 72) Telephone cord buckles—A relation between wavelength and adhesion

Faou, J.-Y., Parry, G., Grachev, S. and Barthel, E.

J. Mech. Phys. Solids 75 (2015) 93-103

A 71) Evolution of bone biomechanical properties at the micrometer scale around titanium implant as a function of healing time

Vayron, R; Matsukawa, M.; Tsubota, R.; Mathieu, V.; Barthel, E.; Haiat, G.

Physics in Medicine and Biology 59 (2014) 1389-1406

A 70) Finite Size Effects on Textured Surfaces: Recovering Contact Angles from Vagarious Drop Edges

Gauthier, A.; Rivetti, M.; Teisseire, J.; Barthel, E.

Langmuir 30 (2014) 1544-1549

A 69) Superhydrophobic silica surfaces: fabrication and stability

Dubov, A. L., Perez-Toralla, K., Letailleur, A., Barthel, E. and Teisseire, J.

J. Micromech. Microeng. 23 (2013) 12501

A 68) Contact Interaction of Double-Chained Surfactant Layers on Silica: Bilayer Rupture and Capillary Bridge Formation

Barthel, E., Roquigny, R., Serreau, L., Denoyel, R., Clerc-Imperor, M., & Drummond, C.

Langmuir 29 (2013) 14473-14481

A 67) Real-time monitoring of nanoparticle film growth at high deposition rate
with optical spectroscopy of plasmon resonances

Grachev, Sergey, Marco De Grazia, Etienne Barthel, Elin Søndergård, and Rémi Lazzari.

Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 46 (2013) 375305.

A 66) In situ Brillouin study of sodium alumino silicate glasses under pressure

Sonneville, C., D. De Ligny, A. Mermet, B. Champagnon, C. Martinet, G. H. Henderson, T. Deschamps, J. Margueritat, and E. Barthel.

The Journal of Chemical Physics 139 (2013): 074501.

A 65) Percolation transition in the porous structure of latex-templated silica monoliths

Guillemot, François, Aline Brunet-Bruneau, Elodie Bourgeat-Lami, Jean-Pierre Boilot, Etienne Barthel, and Thierry Gacoin.

Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 172 (2013) 146-150

A64) Finite size effects on crack front pinning at heterogeneous planar interfaces: Experimental, finite elements and perturbation approaches

Patinet, S. and Alzate, L. and Barthel, E. and Dalmas, D. and Vandembroucq, D. and Lazarus, V.

J. Mech. Phys. Solids 61 (2013) 311-324

A63) Role of Kinks in the Dynamics of Contact Lines Receding on Superhydrophobic


Gauthier A., Rivetti M., Teisseire J. and Barthel E.

Phys. Rev. Lett. 110 (2013) 046101

A62) Stress tuning in sputter-deposited MoOx films

Faou, J. -Y., Barthel, E. and Grachev, S. Y.

Thin Solid Films 527 (2013) 222-226

A61) Slip dynamics at a patterned rubber/glass interface during stick-slip motions

M. C. Audry, C. Fretigny, A. Chateauminois, J. Teisseire and E. Barthel

Eur. Phys. J. E (2012) 35:83

A60) Atomistic response of a model silica glass under shear and pressure

B. Mantisi, A. Tanguy, G. Kermouche and E. Barthel

Eur. Phys. J. B (2012) 85:304

A59) Influence of Structure and Organic-Inorganic Phase Interactions on Coating Mechanical Properties in the Ternary Goethite:Poly(HEMA):Silica System

Chemin, N; Rozes, L; Chaneac, C ; Cassaignon, S; Le Bourhis, E; Jolivet, JP; Barthel, E; Sanchez, C.

Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 16 (2012) 2675-2683

A58) Positron annihilation in latex-templated macroporous silica films: pore size and ortho-positronium escape

Liszkay, L, Guillemot, F, Corbel, C, Boilot, JP, Gacoin, T, Barthel, E, Perez, P, Barthe, MF, Desgardin, P, Crivelli, P, Gendotti, U, Rubbia, A

New J. Phys. 14 (2012) 065009 special edition Antimatter physics for chemistry.

A57) Plastic deformation and residual stresses in amorphous silica pillars under uniaxial loading

R. Lacroix, G. Kermouche, J. Teisseire and E. Barthel

Acta Materialia 60 (2012) 5555–5566

A56) Micropillar Testing of Amorphous Silica

R. Lacroix, V. Chomienne, G. Kermouche, J. Teisseire, E. Barthel and S.  Queste

Int. J. Appl. Glass Sci. 3 36–43 (2012)

A55) Mode III cleavage of a coin-shaped titanium implant in bone: Effect of friction and crack propagation

Mathieu V., Vayron R., Barthel E., et al.

J. Mech. Behavior Biomed. Mat. 8 (2011) 194-203

A54) How Does Adhesion Induce the Formation of Telephone Cord Buckles ?

Faou J.-Y., Parry G., Grachev S. and Barthel E.

Phys. Rev. Lett. 108 (2012) 116102

A53) Nanoindentation Measurements of Biomechanical Properties in Mature and Newly Formed Bone Tissue Surrounding an Implant

Vayron R, Barthel E, Mathieu V, Soffer E, Anagnostou F, Haiat G.

J. Biomech. Eng. 134(2012) 021007

A52) Elastic instability and contact angles on hydrophobic surfaces with periodic textures

Dubov A. L.; Teisseire J.; Barthel E.

Eur. Phys. Lett. 97 (2012) 26003

A51) Mechanical stability under sliding contact of thin silver film embedded in brittle multilayer

X. Geng, Z. Zhang, E. Barthel and D. Dalmas

Wear 276–277 (2012) 111–120.

A50) All-silica nanofluidic devices for DNA-analysis fabricated by imprint of sol-gel silica with silicon stamp

Mikkelsen, M. B., Letailleur, A. A., Sondergard, E., Barthel, E., Teisseire,  J., Marie, R., Kristensen, A.

Lab on a Chip 12 (2012) 262-267

A49) Adhesive Contact: A Few Comments on Cohesive Zone Models and Self-Consistency

E. Barthel

J. Adh. 88 (2012) 55-69

A48) Glass strengthening by polymeric coatings: combined effect of mechanical properties and confinement

Teisseire, J, Dalmas, D, Lohou, S, Da Silva, C, Barthel, E,

Int. J. Fract. 170 (2011) 115-121 doi: 10.1007/s10704-011-9606-x

A47) Sol-Gel Derived Hybrid Thin Films: The Chemistry behind Processing

Letailleur, AA, Ribot, F, Boissiere, C, Teisseire, J, Barthel, E, Desmazieres, B, Chemin, N, Sanchez, C,

Chem. Mater. 23 (2011) 5082-5089

A46) Nanoindentation and the micromechanics of Van Gogh oil paints

Salvant Johanna, Barthel Etienne and Menu Michel

Appl. Phys. A - Mater. Sci. & Processing 104 (2011) 509-515

A45) Surface Pressure and Shear Stress Fields within a Frictional Contact on Rubber

Danh T.N., Paolino P., Audry M.-C., Chateauminois A., Fretigny C., Le Chenadec Y., Portigliatti M.. and Barthel E.

Journal of Adhesion 87 (2011) 235-250

A44) High efficiency white luminescence of alumina doped ZnO

A. A. Letailleur, S. Y. Grachev, E. Barthel, E. Sønderga˚rd, K. Nomenyo, C. Couteau, S. Mc Murtry, G. Lérondel, E. Charlet and E. Peter

Journal of Luminescence 131 (2011) 2646–2651

A43) High order symmetry interference lithography based nanoimprint

A. A. Letailleur, K. Nomenyo, S. Mc Murtry, E. Barthel, E. Sønderga˚rd and G. Lérondel

Journal of Applied Physics 109 (2011) 016104

A42) Confinement and flow dynamics in thin polymer films for nanoimprint lithography

Jérémie Teisseire, Amélie Revaux, Maud Foresti, and Etienne Barthel

Applied Physics Letters 98, 013106 (2011)

A41) On the plastic deformation of soda-lime glass–A Cr3+ luminescence study of densification

Perriot, A., Barthel, E., Kermouche, G., Quérel, G., Vandembroucq, D.,

Phil. Mag. 91 (2010) 1245-1255

A40) X-ray diffraction analysis of thermally-induced stress relaxation in ZnO films deposited by magnetron sputtering on (100) Si substrates

F. Conchon, P.-O. Renault, P. Goudeau, E. Le Bourhis, E. Sondergard, E. Barthel, S. Grachev, E. Gouardes, V. Rondeau, R. Gy, R. Lazzari, J. Jupille, N. Brun

Thin Solid Films 518 (2010) 5237-5241

A39) High-throughput optimization of adhesion in multilayers by superlayer gradients

S. Y. Grachev, A. Mehlich, J.-D. Kamminga, E. Barthel and E. Sondergard

Thin Solid Films 518 (2010) 6052 – 6054

A38) Chemorheology of Sol−Gel Silica for the Patterning of High Aspect Ratio Structures by Nanoimprint

A. Letailleur, J. Teisseire, N. Chemin, E. Barthel and E. Søndergard

Chem. Mater., 22 (2010) 3143-3151 doi: 10.1021/cm100285b

A37) Latex-Templated Silica Films: Tailoring Porosity to Get a Stable Low-Refractive Index

F. Guillemot, A. Brunet-Bruneau, E. Bourgeat-Lami, T. Gacoin, E. Barthel and J.-P. Boilot

Chem. Mater. 22 (2010) 2822-2828     doi:10.1021/cm903754k

A36) Mechanical behavior of stiff coating on glass under sliding contact

X. Geng, Z. Zhang, E. Barthel and D. Dalmas

Wear 269 (2010) 351-361

A35) Film Formation Mechanism in Glass Lubrication by Polymer Latex Dispersions

M. Beauvais, B. Piezel, F. Hamidi, M. Villalobos, C. Da Silva, E. Martin, D. Dalmas, E. Barthel

Thin Solid Films 518 (2010) 1689-1697

A34) Self-sustained etch masking: a general concept to initiate the formation of nanopatterns during ion erosion

S. Le Roy, E. Barthel, N. Brun, A. Lelarge, and E. Søndergård

J. Appl. Phys. 106, 094308 (2009)

A33) Adhesive contact of elastomers: effective adhesion energy and creep function

Etienne Barthel and Christian Frétigny

J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 42 (2009) 195302

A32) UV-irradiation suppresses adhesion on TiO2

R. Jribi, E. Barthel, H. Bluhm, M. Grunze, P. Koelsch, D. Verreault, E. Søndergård

J. Phys. Chem. C 113 (2009) 8273-8277

A31) How do silanes affect the lubricating properties of cationic double chain surfactant on silica surfaces ?

Muriel Beauvais, Laurence Serreau, Caroline Heitz, and Etienne Barthel,

J. Colloid Interface Sci. 331 (2009) 178-184

A30) Adsorption and onset of lubrication by a double-chained cationic surfactant on silica surfaces

L. Serreau, M. Beauvais, C. Heitz and E. Barthel

J. Coll. Interface Sci. 332 (2009) 382-388

A29) Crack front pinning by design in heterogeneous interfaces

D. Dalmas, E. Barthel and D. Vandembroucq

J. Mech. Phys. Solids 57 (2009) 446-457

A28) Scanning thermal microscopy and Raman analysis of bulk fused silica exposed to low-energy femtosecond laser pulses

Y. Bellouard, E. Barthel, A. A. Said, M. Dugan, P. Bado,

Optics Express, 16 (2008) 19520-19534

A 27) Density hardening plasticity and mechanical aging of silica glass under pressure: A Raman spectroscopic study

Vandembroucq D., Deschamps T., Coussa C., Perriot A., Barthel E., Champagnon B., Martinet C.

J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 20 (2008) 485221

A 26) Mechanical modelling of indentation induced densification of silica

G. Kermouche, E. Barthel, D. Vandembroucq and P. Dubujet

Acta Materialia 56 (2008) 3222-3228

A 25) Structure and Mechanical Properties of Mesostructured Functional Hybrid Coatings Based on Anisotropic Nanoparticles Dispersed on Poly(hydroxylethyl methacrylate)

N. Chemin, L. Rozes, C. Chanéac, S. Cassaignon, E. Le Bourhis, J.-P.  Jolivet, O. Spalla, E. Barthel and C. Sanchez

Chem. Mater., 20 (2008) 4602–4611.

A 24) NanoImprint on Silica Sol-gels: a simple route to sequential patterning

C. Peroz, V. Chauveau, E. Barthel and E. Sondergard

Advanced Materials 21 (2009) 555-558

A 23) Adhesive Elastic Contact – JKR and more

E. Barthel

J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 41 (2008) 163001

A 22) An approximate model for the adhesive contact of rough viscoelastic surfaces

G. Haiat and E. Barthel

Langmuir 23 (2007) 11643

A 21) “Glass nanostructures fabricated by soft thermal nanoimprint ”

C. Peroz, C. Heitz, E. Barthel, E. Sondergard and V. Goletto

Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B 25 (2007) L27-L30

A 20) “Adhesive contact of a compliant sphere to an elastic coated substrate: The thin film limit”

E. Barthel

Journal of Adhesion 83 (2007) 729

A 19) “Adhesive Contact to a Coated Elastic Substrate”

E. Barthel and A. Perriot

J. Phys. D 40 (2007) 1059–1067.

A18) “Cross-condensation and particle growth in aqueous silane mixtures at low concentration”

Heitz C, Laurent G, Briard R, Barthel E.

J. Coll. Interface Sci. 298 (2006) 192-201.

A17) “Measurement of the mechanical properties of thin films mechanically confined within contacts”

E. Gacoin, C. Fretigny, A. Chateauminois, A. Perriot, and E. Barthel,

Trib. Let. 21 (2006) 245-252.

A 16) “Raman Microspectroscopic Characterization of Amorphous Silica Plastic Behavior”

A. Perriot, D. Vandembroucq, E. Barthel, V. Martinez, L. Grosvalet, Ch. Martinet, and B. Champagnon

J. Am. Ceram. Soc. 89 (2006) 596-601.

A 15) “Crack Bridging Mechanism for Glass Strengthening by Organosilane Water-Based Coatings”

Briard, R., Heitz, C., Barthel, E.

Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 351 (4) (2005) 323-330.

A 14) “Asymmetric Silver to Oxide Adhesion in Multilayers Deposited on Glass by Sputtering”

E. Barthel, O Kerjan, P. Nael and N. Nadaud

Thin Solid Films, 473(2) (2005) 272-7.

A 13) "Adhesive Contact of Viscoelastic Spheres: A Hand-Waving Introduction"

E. Barthel and G. Haiat

J. Adhesion, 80 (2004) 1.

A 12) "Contact to a Coated Half-Space: Effective Elastic Modulus and Real Penetration"

A. Perriot and E. Barthel

Journal of Materials Research 19 (2004) 600-608

A 11) "The Adhesive Contact of Viscoelastic Spheres "

G. Haiat, M. C. Phan Huy and E. Barthel

Journal of Mechanics and Physics of Solids (2003) 51, 69-99

A 10) "A Simple Model for the Adhesive Contact of Viscoelastic Spheres"

E. Barthel and G. Haiat

Langmuir (2002) 18, 9362-9370

A 9) "Velocity-Dependent Adherence: An Analytical Approach for the JKR and DMT Models"

E. Barthel and S. Roux

Langmuir 16 (2000) 8134-8138

A 8) "Surface Forces and the Adhesive Contact of Axisymmetric Bodies"

A. S. Huguet and E. Barthel

J. Adhesion 74 (2000) 143-175

A 7) "Long Range Forces and Adhesion Energy between Tungsten and TiO2(100) Surfaces under Ultra High Vacuum"

S. Sounilhac, E. Barthel and F. Creuzet

J. Appl. Phys., 85, n° 1 (1999) 222-227

A 6) "On the Description of the Adhesive Contact of Spheres with Arbitrary Interaction Potentials"

E. Barthel

J. Colloid Interface Sci. 200 (1998) 7-18

A 5) "Adhesion energy measurements in the presence of adsorbed liquid using a rigid surface force apparatus"

E. Barthel, X.Y. Lin and J.L. Loubet

J. Colloid Interface Sci. 177 (1996) 401-406

A 4) "13C nuclear relaxation and normal state properties of K3C60 under pressure"

Quirion G., Bourbonnais C., Barthel E., Auban-Cenzier P., Jerome D., Lambert J.M., Zahab A., Fabre C., Rassat A.

Europhysics Letters, 21, 233 (1993)

A 3) "Conduction noise and motional narrowing of the nuclear magnetic resonance line in sliding spin-density waves"

Barthel E., Kriza G., Quirion G., Wzietek P., Jerome D., Christensen J.B., Jorgensen M., Bechgaard K.

Phys. Rev. Lett., 71, 2825 (1993)

A 2) "Motional narrowing of the nuclear magnetic resonance line by the sliding of spin-density waves"

Barthel E.,Quirion G., Wzietek P., Jerome D.

J. Physique I, 3, 1501 (1993)

A 1) "NMR in commensurate and incommensurate spin-density waves"

Barthel E., Quirion G., Wzietek P., Jerome D., Christensen J.B., Jorgensen M., Bechgaard K.

Europhysics Letters, 21, 87 (1993).


BR 5) «Substrat muni d'un empilement à couche partielle, vitrage et procédé» (November 22 2013)

L. Alzate, D. Dalmas, E. Barthel, D. Nicolas & B.Georges


BR 4) «Procédé de structuration de surface par abrasion ionique,  surface structurée et utilisations» (January 12 2009)

E. Sondergard, S. Le Roy, A. Letailleur, E. Barthel et C. Magne

PCT/FR2010/052507, FR2953213, WO 2012/288676

BR 3) "Procédé de structuration de surface d’un produit à couche sol-gel, produit à couche sol-gel structurée" (April 03 2008)

Christophe PEROZ, Elin SONDERGARD et Etienne BARTHEL

PCT/FR2008/050594, FR2914630, EP2132151, WO/2008/142322

BR 2) «Materiau anti-salissures et son procédé d’obtention» (Octobre 21 2005)

Royer Eddy, Kharchenko Andriy, Zagdoun Georges, Nghiem Bernard, Sondergard Elin, Lelarge Anne, Barthel Etienne, Garrec Ronan.

PCT/FR2005/53203, FR2892408, EP1940750, WO/2007/045805

BR 1) "Composition de traitement d’un verre pour en améliorer la résistance mécanique par guérison des défauts de surface, procédés de traitement correspondants et verres traités obtenus" (July 2 2004)

S. Lohou, S. Besson, R. Briard, C. Heitz et E. Barthel,

PCT/FR2005/050529, FR2872508, EP1771395, WO/2006/013305

Book chapters

L 3) "Tribologie des verres silicatés – Frottement et endommagement superficiel"

E. Barthel et J.-P. Guin

in Techniques de l'Ingénieur, 2016

L 2) "Contact, Interaction and Dynamics"

E. Barthel

in Acoustic Scanning Probe Microscopy, F. Marinello, D. Passeri and E. Salvio eds., Springer, Berlin Heidelberg, 2013.

L 1) "Rupture, Fracture and Size Issues"

E. Barthel

in Mechanics of Nano-Objects, O. Thomas, A. Ponchet and S. Forrest eds., Presses de Mines, Paris, 2011.

Refereed papers – conference proceedings

B24) Is the second harmonic method applicable for thin films mechanical properties characterization by nanoindentation?

Guillonneau, G., Kermouche, G., Teisseire, J., Barthel, E , Bec, S., Loubet, J.-L.

Phil. Mag. 95 (2015) 1013517.

B23) "In situ thermal residual stress evolution in ultrathin ZnO and Ag films studied by synchrotron x-ray diffraction"

P.O. Renault, C. Krauss, E. Le Bourhis, G. Geandier, A. Benedetto, S.Y. Grachev, E. Barthel,

Thin Solid Films 520 (2011) 1390–1394 (38th International Conference on Metallurgical Coatings and Thin Films, ICMCTF 2011)

B22) “Variation of biomechanical properties of newly formed bone tissue determined by nanoindentation as a function of healing time”

Vayron, R, Barthel, E, Mathieu, V, Soffer, E, Anagnostou, F, Haiat, G

Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering 14 Suppl. 1 (2011) 139-140

doi: 10.1080/10255842.2011.593770

B21) “Latex-templated porous silica films for antireflective applications ”

F. Guillemot, A. Brunet-Bruneau, E. Bourgeat-Lami, T. Gacoin, E. Barthel and J.-P. Boilot

Photonics for Solar Energy Systems III: Proceedings of SPIE-The International Society for Optical Engineering    77250G-77250G-8    (2010) 

B20) “X-ray diffraction study of thermal stress relaxation in ZnO films deposited by magnetron sputtering”

F. Conchon, P.-O. Renault, E. Le Bourhis, C. Krauss, P. Goudeau, E. Barthel, S. Grachev, E. Sondergard, V. Rondeau, R. Gy, R. Lazzari, J. Jupille, N. Brun

Thin Solid Films, 519 (2010) 1563-1567

B19) Residual Stresses in Sputtered ZnO Films on (100) Si Substrates by XRD

Conchon Florine, Renault Pierre-Olivier, Goudeau Philippe, Le Bourhis Eric, Sondergard Elin, Barthel Etienne, Grachev Sergey, Gouardes, Eric, Rondeau Veronique, Gy René, Lazzari Remi, Jupille Jacques, Brun Nathalie

MRS Proc. Vol. 1201 Fall Meeting 2009 (2010) paper 1201-H05-03

B18) “Assessment of Microelastic Properties of Bone Using Scanning Acoustic Microscopy: A Face-to-Face Comparison with Nanoindentation”

Rupin F, Saied A, Dalmas D, Peyrin F, Haupert S, Raum K, Barthel E, Boivin G, Laugier P

Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 48 (2009) 07GK01

B17) “Computational modeling of the densification of silicate glasses under contact loadings at the micron scale“

Kermouche G, Barthel E, Tang L et Vandembroucq D

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B16) “Mechanical behavior of functional hybrid coating based on anisotropic iron oxide nanoparticles”

Nicolas Chemin, Laurence Rozes, Corinne Chanéac, Sophie Cassaignon, Jean-Pierre Jolivet, Etienne Barthel, Eric Le Bourhis and Clément Sanchez

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B 15) “Glass strengthening by organosilane water-based coatings”

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B 14) “Elastic contact to nearly incompressible coatings - Stiffness enhancement and elastic pile-up”

E. Barthel, A. Perriot, A. Chateauminois, C. Frétigny

Philosophical Magazine 86 5359-5369 (2006).

B 13) “Surface mechanics of functional thin films on glass surfaces”

E. Barthel, A. Perriot, D. Dalmas, E. Sondergard, P. Nael

Surface and Coatings Technology 200 6181-6184 (2006)

B 12) “Mechanical properties of mesoporous silica thin films: Effect of the surfactant removal processes”

N. Chemin, M. Klotz, V. Rouessac, A. Ayral, E. Barthel

Thin Solid Films, 495 210-213 (2006)

B 11) “Asymmetry in Multilayer Adhesion: the Zinc Oxide / Silver Interface”

E. Barthel, P. Nael, O. Kerjan and N. Nadaud

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B 10) "Deformation Processes During Indentation of Mesoporous silica Thin Films"

M. Klotz, A. Perriot and E. Barthel

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B 9) "How can Nanoparticles change the Mechanical Resistance of Ordered Mesoporous Thin Films ?"

E. Craven, S. Besson, M. Klotz, T. Gacoin, J.-P. Boilot and E. Barthel

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B 8) "Forces de surface et contact : les derniers nanomètres"

E. Barthel, R. Roquigny et S. Sounilhac

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B 7) "The Electrostatic Contribution to the Long Range Interaction between Tungsten and Oxide Surfaces under Ultra High Vacuum"

S. Sounilhac, E. Barthel and F. Creuzet

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B 6) "Modelling the Adhesion of Spheres: when the Form of the Interaction is Complex"

E. Barthel

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E. Barthel

Thin Solid Films, 330 (1998) 27-33

B 4) “C13 NMR investigation of the linear and nonlinear dynamics of the spin-density-wave of (TMTSF)2PF6”

Barthel E, Kriza G, Quirion G, Wzietek P, Jerome D, Christensen J, Jorgensen M, Bechgaard K

Journal de Physique IV, 3 (C2), 231 (1993)

B 3)"2D-NMR of spin-density wave systems"

Wzietek P., Barthel E., Jerome D., Bechgaard K.

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B 2) "NMR spectroscopy in K3C60 as a function of temperature and pressure"

Quirion G., Bourbonnais C., Barthel E., Auban-Cenzier P., Jerome D., Lambert J.M., Zahab A., Fabre C., Rassat A.

Synthetic Metals, 56 (1993).

B 1) "Dynamic properties of commensurate and incommensurate spin-density waves as probed by 13C NMR"

Barthel E.,Quirion G., Wzietek P., Jerome D., Christensen J.B., Jorgensen M., Bechgaard K.,

Synthetic Metals, 56, 2581 (1993).


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