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Out of equilibrium interfaces in soft solids contacts

Antoine Chateauminois, Christian Frétigny, Emilie Verneuil Friction between solid interfaces arises from mechanisms involving length scales that (...) 

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Wetting dynamics of polymers on silica

Wetting dynamics of polymers on silica, from model surfaces to porous media Francois Lequeux, Hélène Montes, Emilie Verneuil and Marc Yonger. (...) 

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Sciences et Ingénierie de la Matière Molle

Soft Matter Sciences and Enginering - UMR 7615

10 rue Vauquelin
75231 PARIS CEDEX 05

  • Chair : E. Barthel
  • Vice Chairs : J.B. d’Espinose & G. Ducouret
  • Administration : F. Decuq
  • Communication : A. Hakopian & M. Ciccotti
  • Information Technology : A. Hakopian
  • Safety, Health and Environment Assistant : F. Martin

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