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Research activities :

 Transfer in Soft matter : recent topics : complex wetting and complex interfaces, polymer dissolution and lumps, spray drying, foams etc...

 Mechanics of heterogeneous polymers : amorphous polymer, filled elastomer

 filled elastomer and amorphous polymer


 Rhéologie: bases
 Mécanique simple de l’élastomère au pneu: bases

Recent PhD Manuscript :

 PhD Manuscript : Peiluo Shi Linear and non linear mechanical properties of miscible polymer blends in the glass transition domain (in English)

recent publications

N. Taccoen, F. Lequeux, D. Z. Gunes, and C. N. Baroud
Probing the Mechanical Strength of an Armored Bubble and Its Implication
to Particle-Stabilized Foams
Phys. Rev.X 6, 011010 (2016)

E. Lintingre, G. Ducouret, F. Lequeux L. Talini , Controlling the buckling instability of drying droplets of suspensions through colloidal interactions
Soft Matter 11,18 Pages: 3660-3665 (2015)

R. Deleurence, T. Saison, F. Lequeux, C. Monteux Time scales for drainage and imbibition in gellified foams. Application to decontamination processes.
Soft Matter, 11, 7032,|(2015)

R. Masurel, S. Cantournet, A. Dequidt, D.R. Long, H. Montes, F. Lequeux
Role of dynamical heterogeneities on the viscoelastic spectrum of polymers: a stochastic
continuum mechanics model
Macromolecules, 2015, 48 (18), pp 6690–6702-

J. Dupas, E. Verneuil, M. Van Landeghem, B. Bresson, L. Forny M. Ramaioli, F. Lequeux, L. Talini, Glass Transition Accelerates the Spreading of Polar Solvents on a Soluble Polymer Phys. Rev. Lett. 112, 188302 (2014)

T. Kajiya, A. Daerr, T. Narita et al. Advancing liquid contact line on visco-elastic gel substrates: stick-slip vs. continuous motions" Soft Matter 9 (2), 454-461 (2013)

B. Pottier, A. Raudsepp, C. Fretigny et al., High frequency linear rheology of complex fluids measured from their surface thermal fluctuations
Journal of Rheology 57 (2), 441-455 (2013);

P. L. Shi, R. Schach, E. Munch et al. "Glass Transition Distribution in Miscible Polymer Blends: From Calorimetry to Rheology,"
Macromolecules 46 (9), 3611-3620 (2013)

J. Dupas, E. Verneuil, L. Talini, F. Lequeux, M. Ramaioli, and L. Forny, Diffusion and evaporation control the spreading of volatile droplets onto soluble films, Interfacial Phenomena and Heat Transfer, Volume 1, Issue 3, 231-243, 2013.

J Dupas, E Verneuil, M Ramaioli, L Forny, L Talini, and F Lequeux Dynamic Wetting on a Thin Film of Soluble Polymer: Effects of Nonlinearities in the Sorption Isotherm
Langmuir, 2013, 29 (40), pp 12572–12578

T Kajiya, T Narita, V Schmitt, F Lequeux and L Talini Slow dynamics and intermittent quakes in soft glassy systems
Soft Matter, 2013,9, 11129-11135


Chevallier Eloise, Saint-Jalmes Arnaud,Cantat Isabelle, Lequeux François and Monteux Cécile Light induced flows opposing drainage in foams and thin-films using photosurfactants
Soft Matter, 2013,9, 7054-7060

Papon Aurelie; Merabia Samy; Guy Laurent; et al. Unique Nonlinear Behavior of Nano-Filled Elastomers: From the Onset of Strain Softening to Large Amplitude Shear Deformations Macromol. 45- 6 2891-2904 (2012 )

Berteloot Guillaume; Hoang Anna; Daerr Adrian; et al. Evaporation of a sessile droplet: Inside the coffee stain
Jour. Coll. Interf. Sci. 370 155-161 (2012 )

Papon Aurelie; Montes Helene; Hanafi Mohamed; et al. Glass-Transition Temperature Gradient in Nanocomposites: Evidence from Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Differential Scanning Calorimetry
Phys. Rev. Lett. 108 - 6 065702 (2012 )

Papon Aurelie; Montes Helene; Lequeux Francois; et al. Solid particles in an elastomer matrix: impact of colloid dispersion and polymer mobility modification on the mechanical properties
SOFT MATTER 8 15 4090-4096 ( 2012)

Raudsepp Allan; Fretigny Christian; Lequeux Francois; et al. Two beam surface fluctuation specular reflection spectroscopy Rev. Sci. Inst. 83-1 013111 (2012)

E. Chevallier, C. Monteux, F. Lequeux et al Photofoams: Remote Control of Foam Destabilization by Exposure to Light Using an Azobenzene Surfactant,"
Langmuir 28 (5), 2308-2312 (2012)

K. Huraux, T. Narita, B. Bresson et al Wrinkling of a nanometric glassy skin/crust induced by drying in poly(vinyl alcohol) gels,"
Soft Matter 8 (31), 8075-8081 (2012)


Di Xiaojun; Win K. Z.; McKenna Gregory B.; et al. Signatures of Structural Recovery in Colloidal Glasses
Phys. Rev. Letters 106-9 (2011)

Papon Aurelie; Saalwaechter Kay; Schaeler Kerstin; et al. Low-Field NMR Investigations of Nanocomposites: Polymer Dynamics and Network Effects
Macromol. 44-4 913-922 (2011)

Kajiya Tadashi; Daerr Adrian; Narita Tetsuharu; et al. Dynamics of the contact line in wetting and diffusing processes of water droplets on hydrogel (PAMPS-PAAM) substrates SOFT MATTER 7 -24 11425-11432 (2011)

Tay Astrid; Bendejacq Denis; Monteux Cecile; et al. How does water wet a hydrosoluble substrate?
SOFT MATTER 7-15 6953-6957 (2011)

Tay A.; Lequeux F.; Bendejacq D.; et al. Wetting properties of charged and uncharged polymeric coatings-effect of the osmotic pressure at the contact line
SOFT MATTER 7-10 4715-4722 (2011)

Lequeux Francois; Long Didier; Sotta Paul; et al. Constrained Dynamics in Interphases of Model Filled Elastomers: Role of Interface Chemistry on Crosslinking, Local Stress Distribution and Mechanics

Pottier Basile; Ducouret Guylaine; Fretigny Christian; et al. High bandwidth linear viscoelastic properties of complex fluids from the measurement of their free surface fluctuations SOFT MATTER 7 17 7843-7850 ( 2011)

Chevallier E.; Mamane A.; Stone H. A.; et al. Pumping-out photo-surfactants from an air-water interface using light SOFT MATTER 7 -17 7866-7874 (2011)


Monteux Cecile; Tay Astrid; Narita Tetsuharu; et al. The role of hydration in the wetting of a soluble polymer
Soft Matter 5-19 3713-3717 (2009 )

Isare Benjamin; Bouteiller Laurent; Ducouret Guylaine; et al. Tuning reversible supramolecular polymer properties through co-monomer addition Supramolecular Chemistry 21-5 416-421 Article Number: PII (2009 )

Pham C. -T.; Berteloot G.; Lequeux F.; et al. Dynamics of complete wetting liquid under evaporation Eur. Phys. Lett. 92 5 (2010 )

Papon Aurelie; Montes Helene; Lequeux Francois; et al. Nonlinear Rheology of Model Filled Elastomers Jour of Polym Sci Part B 48 23 2490-2496 (2010)

Guena Geoffroy; Wang Ji; d’Espinose Jean-Baptiste; et al. Boiling of an emulsion in a yield stress fluid Phys. Rev E. 82 -5 051502 ( 2010 )

Tay A.; Monteux C.; Bendejacq D.; et al. How a coating is hydrated ahead of the advancing contact line of a volatile solvent droplet
EPJE 33 -3 203-210 (2010 )

Montes H.; Chaussee T.; Papon A.; et al. Particles in model filled rubber: Dispersion and mechanical properties
EPJE 31- 3 263-268 (2010 )


Mamane A.; Fretigny C.; Lequeux F.; et al.
Surface fluctuations of an aging colloidal suspension: Evidence for intermittent quakes
EPL 88, 5, 58002 (2009 )

de Viguerie Laurence; Ducouret Guylaine; Lequeux Francois; et al. Historical evolution of oil painting media: A rheological study
COMPTES RENDUS PHYSIQUE 10,7 612-621 ( 2009 )

Pinault Thomas; Cannizzo Caroline; Andrioletti Bruno; et al. Anions as Efficient Chain Stoppers for Hydrogen-Bonded Supramolecular Polymers
Langmuir 25, 15 8404-8407 (2009 )

Kajiya Tadashi; Monteux Cecile; Narita Tetsuharu; et al. Contact-Line Recession Leaving a Macroscopic Polymer Film in the Drying Droplets of Water-Poly(N,N-dimethylacrylamide) (PDMA) Solution
LANGMUIR 25 12 6934-6939 ( 2009 )

McKenna Gregory B.; Narita Tetsuharu; Lequeux Francois Soft colloidal matter: A phenomenological comparison of the aging and mechanical responses with those of molecular glasses
Jour. of Rheo. 53-3 489-516 ( 2009 )

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Monteux C.; Tay A.; Elmaallem Y.; et al. Drying and advancing droplets of polymer solutions Conference: 7th Biannual European Coating Symposium Location: Paris, FRANCE Date: SEP 12-14, 2007
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Monteux Cecile; Tay Astrid; Narita Tetsuharu; et al. The role of hydration in the wetting of a soluble polymer
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Isare Benjamin; Bouteiller Laurent; Ducouret Guylaine; et al. Tuning reversible supramolecular polymer properties through co-monomer addition Supramolecular Chemistry 21-5 416-421 Article Number: PII (2009 )


H Bodiguel, F Lequeux and H Montes Revealing the respective effect of aging and cyclic deformation through the memory effect in glassy polymers
J. Stat. Mech. (2008) P01020

F. Casas, C. Alba-simionesco, H. Montes, F. Lequeux , Length-Scale of Glassy Polymer Plastic Flow: A Neutron Scattering Study Macromolecules, 41 (3), 860 -865, (2008)

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A. Tay, C. Thibierge, D. Fournier, C. Fretigny, F. Lequeux, C. Monteux, J. P. Roger, and L. Talini Probing thermal waves on the free surface of various media: Surface fluctuation specular reflection spectroscopy
Rev. Sci. Instrum. 79 103107 (2008)

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