Journal papers

V. Acito, M. Ciavarella, A.M. Prévost and A. Chateauminois
Adhesive contact of model randomly rough rubber surfaces
Tribology Letters 67 (2019) 54

J. Delavoipière, B. Hertefeu, J. Teisseire, A. Chateauminois, Y. Tran, M. Fermigier and E. Verneuil
Swelling dynamics of surface-attached hydrogel thin films in vapor flows
Langmuir34 (2018) 15238-15244

Jessica Delavoipière, Bertrand Heurtefeu, Jérémie Teisseire, Antoine Chateauminois, Yvette Tran, Marc Fermigier, and Emilie Verneuil
J. Delavoipière, Y. Tran, E. Verneuil, B. Herteufeu, C.-Y. Hui and A. Chateauminois
Friction of poroelastic contact with thin hydrogel layers
Langmuir 34 (2018) 9617-9626

A.Chateauminois, D.T. Nguyen and C. Frétigny
Effects of local stretch on the frictional stress of rubber
Soft Matter (2017) 5849 - 5857

Contact on a stretched rubber
C. Frétigny and A. Chateauminois
Physical Review E 96 (2017) 013001

Role of uncrosslinked chains in droplets dynamics on silicone elastomers
A. Hourlier-Fargette, A. Antkowiak, A. Chateauminois and S. Neukirch
Soft Matter 13 (2017) 3484

Poroelastic indentation of mechanically confined hydrogel layers
J. Delavoipière, Y. Tran, E. Verneuil and A. Chateauminois
Soft Matter 12 (2016) 8049

Soft Lithography Using Nectar Droplets
S. Biswas, A. Chakrabarti, A. Chateauminois, E. Wandersman, A.M. Prevost and M.K. Chaudhury
Langmuir 31 (2015) 13155−13164

Normal contact and friction of rubber with model randomly rough surfaces.
S. Yashima, V. Romero, E. Wandersman, C. Frétigny, M.K. Chaudhury, A. Chateauminois and A.M. Prevost
Soft Matter 11 (2015) 871 - 881

Non-Amontons-Coulomb local friction law of randomly rough contact interfaces with rubber.
D.T. Nguyen, E. Wandersman, A. Prevost, Y. Le Chenadec, C. Frétigny, A. Chateauminois
Eur Phys Lett 104 (2013) 64001

Friction of viscoelastic elastomers with rough surfaces under torsional contact conditions.
M. Trejo, C. Frétigny and A.Chateauminois
Phys Rev E 88 (2013) 052401

Contact compliance effects in the frictional response of bioinspired fibrillar adhesives.
M. Piccardo, A. Chateauminois, C. Fretigny, N.M. Pugno and M. Sitti
J Roy Soc Interface 10 (2013) 20130182

Friction of rubber with surfaces patterned with rigid spherical asperities.
D.T. Nguyen, S. Ramakrishna, C. Fretigny, N.D. Spencer, Y. Le Chenadec and A. Chateauminois
Tribology Lett 49 (2013) 135-144

Slip dynamics at a patterned rubber/glass interface during stick-slip motions.
M.C. Audry, C. Fretigny, A. Chateauminois, J. Teisseire and E. Barthel
Eur Phys J E 35 (2012) 83-90

Cyclic non linear behavior of a glassy polymer using a contact method.
E. Janiaud, A. Chateauminois and C. Fretigny
J of Polym Sci B: Polym Phys 49 (2011) 599-610

Surface pressure and shear stress field within a frictional contact on rubber.
D.T. Nguyen, P. Paolino, M-C. Audry, A. Chateauminois, C. Frétigny, Y. Le Chenadec, M. Portigliatti and E. Barthel
J Adhesion 87 (2011) 235-250

Entropic effect on the mechanical behavior of dry polymer brushes during nanoindentation by atomic force microscopy.
D. Tranchida, E. Sperotto, A. Chateauminois and H. Shönherr
Macromolecules 44 (2011) 368-374

Competition of time and spatial scales in polymer glassy dynamics: rejuvenation and confinement effects.
A.V. Lyulin, D. Hudzinskyy, E. Janiaud and A. Chateauminois
J Non Cryst Sol 357 (2011) 567-574

Friction and shear fracture of an adhesive contact under torsion.
A. Chateauminois, C. Fretigny and L. Olanier
Phys Rev E 81 (2010) 026106

Third body effects in the wear of polyamide: micro-mechanisms and wear particle analysis.
A. Marcellan, O. Bondil, C. Boué, A. Chateauminois
Wear 266 (2009) 1013-1020

Fine tuning the adhesive properties of a soft nanostructured adhesive with rheological measurements.
F. Deplace, C. Carelli; S. Mariot; H.Retsos, A. Chateauminois, Ouzineb, C. Creton
J Adhesion 85 (2009) 18-54

Local friction at a sliding interface between an elastomer and a rigid spherical probe.
A. Chateauminois, C. Fretigny
Eur Phys J E 27 (2008) 221-227

Mechanical properties of thin polymer films.
A. Chateauminois, C. Fretigny and E. Gacoin
in Polymer Tribology, S. Sinha and B.J. Briscoe Eds, Imperial College Press , 2009

Stress corrosion cracking of glass reinforced polymer composites.
A. Chateauminois
in Ageing of Composites, R. Martin Ed., Woodhead Publising, Cambridge, 2008, ISBN 978-1-84569-352-7

Solution for the elastic field in a layered medium under axisymetric contact loading.
C. Fretigny and A. Chateauminois
J Phys D 40 (2007) 5418-5426

Elastic contact to nearly incompressible coatings - Stiffness enhancement and elastic pile-up.
E. Barthel, A. Perriot, A. Chateauminois, C. Fretigny
Phil Mag 86 , N°33-35 (2006) 5359-5369

Contact deformation of elastic coatings in adhesive contacts with spherical probes.
P.Mary, A. Chateauminois, C. Fretigny
J Phys D: Appl Phys 39 (2006) 3665-3673

On the correlation abrasive wear resistance - molecular weight: a quantitative wear law for polymeric fibres.
J. Cayer-Barrioz, D. Mazuyer, Ph. Kapsa, A. Chateauminois, G. Robert, F. Bouquerel
Wear 261 (2006) 460-466

Measurement of the mechanical properties of thin films mechanically confined within contacts.
E. Gacoin, C. Fretigny, A. Chateauminois
Trib Lett 21 (2006) 245-252

Fracture of brittle polymers within sliding contacts.
A. Chateauminois and M.C. Dubourg
In Intrinsic Molecular Mobility and Toughness of Polymers. Kausch, H-H. Ed.,
’Advances in Polymer Science’ , Elsevier, vol. 188, 2005

Investigation of the shear failure mechanisms of pressure sensitive adhesives.
F.Sosson, A. Chateauminois and C. Creton
J of Polym Sci Part B: Polym Phys 43 (2005) 3316-3330

Nanoscratch and friction: An innovative approach to understand the tribological behaviour of poly(amide) fibres.
J. Cayer-Barrioz, D. Mazuyer, A. Tonck, Ph. Kapsa and A. Chateauminois
Tribology Inter 39 (2005) 62-69

In situ analysis of the fragmentation of polystyrene films within sliding contacts.
A. Chateauminois, M.C. Dubourg, C. Gauthier
Tribology Int 38 (2005) 931-942

Nanoscale mechanical characterization of polymeric fibres.
J. Cayer-Barrioz, A. Tonck, D. Mazuyer, Ph. Kapsa, A. Chateauminois
J Polym Sci Part B: Polym Phys 43 (2005) 264-275

Measurements of the viscoelastic moduli of an acrylate polymer in bulk and film form using a contact method.
E. Gacoin, C. Fretigny, A. Chateauminois
Polymer 45 (2004) 3789-3796

Abrasive wear micromechanisms of oriented polymers.
J. Cayer-Barrioz, D. Mazuyer, Ph. Kapsa, A. Chateauminois, G. Robert
Polymer 45 (2004) 2729-2736

Fretting wear behaviour of glassy polymers with improved toughness.
F. Lamethe, Ph. Sergot, B.J. Briscoe, A. Chateauminois
Wear 255 (2003) 758-765

On the mechanisms of abrasive wear of polyamide fibres.
J. Cayer-Barrioz, D. Mazuyer, P. Kapsa, A. Chateauminois, F. Bouquerel, G. Robert
Wear 255 (2003) 751-757

Structure-property relationships as a tool for the formulation of high performance epoxy-amine networks.
A. Chateauminois, V. Sauvant and J.L. Halary
Polym Int 52 (2003) 507-513

Nano-rheological properties of polymeric third bodies generated witihin fretting contacts.
A. Chateauminois, B.J. Briscoe
Surf & Coating Tech 163-164 (2003) 435-443

In situ analysis and modeling of crack initiation and propagation within model fretting contacts usin polymer materials.
M.C. Dubourg, A. Chateauminois and B. Villechaise
Tribology Int 36 (2003) 109-119

Measurement of friction induced surface strains in a steel/polymer contact.
B.J. Briscoe, A. Chateauminois
Tribology Int, 35 (2002) 245-254

Application of a stress corrosion cracking model to the analysis of the durability of glass/epoxy composites in wet environments.
V. Pauchard, F. Grosjean, H. Campion-Boulharts, A. Chateauminois
Composites Sci & Tech 62 (2002) 493-498

In situ analysis of delayed fibers failure within water aged GRFP under static fatigue conditions.
V. Pauchard, A. Chateauminois, F. Grosjean and P. Odru
Int J Fatigue 24 (2002) 447-454

In-situ monitoring of damage in CFRP laminates by means of AC and DC measurements.
J.C. Abry, Y.K. Choi, A. Chateauminois, B. Dalloz, G. Giraud, M. Salvia
Composites Sci & Tech 61 (2001) 855-864

Measurements of sub-critical crack-growth rates in glass fibers by means of acoustic emission.
V. Pauchard, S. Brochado, A. Chateauminois, H. Campion, F. Grosjean
J. Mat. Sci. Lett 19 (1999) 2141-2143

Secondary effects in the analysis of the post-buckling test.
I. Kallel-Kamoun, A. Chateauminois, F. Sidoroff
Composite Structures 50 (2000) 85-92

Contact damage of poly(methylmethacrylate) during complex micro-displacements.
B.J. Briscoe, A. Chateauminois, D. Parsonage
Wear 240 (2000) 27-39

Analysis of micro-indentation tests by means of an analytical model taking into account different interfacial responses.
M. Zidi, L. Carpentier, A. Chateauminois, Ph. Kapsa, F. Sidoroff,
Composites Sci & Tech 61 (2000) 369-375

Quantitative analysis of the micro-indentation behaviour of fibre reinforced composites:Development and validation of an analytical model.
M. Zidi, L. Carpentier, A.Chateauminois, F.Sidoroff
Composites Sci & Tech 60 (2000) 429-437

Surface damage of poly(methylmethacrylate) under fretting loading.
A. Krichen, C. Bradai, A. Chateauminois, M. Kharrat
Wear 230 (1999) 146-155

Analysis of the local loading conditions in an epoxy/glass contact under fretting loading.
M. Kharrat, A. Krichen, A. Chateauminois
Tribology Trans 42 (1999) 377-384

In-situ detection of damage in CFRP laminates by electrical resistance measurements.
J.C. Abry, S. Bochard, A. Chateauminois, M. Salvia, G. Giraud
Composite Sci & Tech 59 (1999) 925-935

Fretting of glass fibre reinforced composites.
M. Daoud, A. Chateauminois, L. Vincent
J Mat Sci 34 (1999) 191-194

Fretting wear behaviour of PMMA under linear motions and torsional contact conditions.
B.J. Briscoe, A. Chateauminois, T.C. Lindley, D. Parsonage
Tribology Int 31 (1998) 701-711

Effects of frequency on the fretting conditions between PMMA and a rigid counterface.
A. Krichen, M. Kharrat, A. Chateauminois
J Tribology 120 (1998) 729-736

Interactions between Hygrothermal ageing and fatigue damage in unidirectional glass/epoxy composites.
E. Vauthier, J.C. Abry, T. Bailliez and A. Chateauminois
Composites Sci & Tech 58 (1998) 687-692

Analysis of flexural fatigue behaviour in woven glass-polyester composites.
R. Elleuch, A. Chateauminois, C. Bradai
Adv Composites Lett 6(1997) 37-42

Evaluation of the fibre/matrix interfacial strength of a glass fibre reinforced polymer composite using a microindentation test.
M. Kharrat, L. Carpentier, A. Chateauminois, P. Kapsa
Composites Part A 28 (1997) 39-46

Fatigue Damage Nucleation and Growth in a Unidirectional Glass-Epoxy Composite Subjected to Hygrothermal Aging.
E. Vauthier, A. Chateauminois, T Bailliez
Polymer & Polymer Composites 4 (1996) 343-351

A new testing methodology for the assessment of fatigue properties of structural adhesives.
C. Blanchard, A. Chateauminois, L. Vincent
Int J Adhesion and Adhesives 16 N° 4 (1996) 289-299

Numerical and experimental analysis of the fretting behaviour of glass/PMMA contacts. Transition criteria for gross slip.
A. Krichen, M. Kharrat, A. Chateauminois
Tribology Int 29 (1996) 615-624

Ceramic coatings on thermoplastic surfaces by atmospheric plasma and laser.
S. Ayrault, A. Chateauminois, J.P. Soulier, D. Tréheux, A.B. Vannes
Surface & Coating Technology 79 (1996) 119-130

Dynamic mechanical analysis of epoxy composites plasticized by water: artifacts and reality.
A. Chateauminois, B. Chabert, J.P. Soulier, L. Vincent
Polymer Composites 16 (1995) 288-296

Interfacial degradation during hygothermal ageing. Investigations by sorption/desorption experiments and viscoelastic analysis.
A. Chateauminois, B. Chabert, J.P. Soulier, L. Vincent.
Polymer 35 (1994) 4765-4774

Hygrothermal ageing effects on the static fatigue of glass/epoxy composites.
A. Chateauminois, B. Chabert, J.P. Soulier, L. Vincent.
Composites 24 (1993) 547-555


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