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FRETIGNY Christian

Christian Fretigny Directeur de l’unité

Directeur de recherche au CNRS

_ Bureau H 2.08

Tél. : 33 (0) 1 40 79 47 88


Thèmes de recherche actuels :

Surfaces, Interfaces

Fluctuations of complex systems and of colloidal glasses

Friction, Adhesion, Contact mechanics


Dernières publications :

  • Multiscale surface-attached hydrogel thin films with tailored architecture, B. CHOLLET, M. LI, E. MARTWONG, B. BRESSON, C. FRETIGNY, P. TABELING, Y. TRAN, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 8 (2016) 11729-38.
  • High bandwidth non invasive measurements of the linear viscoelasticity of collagen gels, M. VERHULSEL, M. SHIVOKHIN, A. SIMON, S. DESCROIX, C. FRETIGNY, L. TALINI, Journal of Rheology (in press).
  • Boundary Condition in Liquid Thin Films Revealed through the Thermal Fluctuations of Their Free Surfaces, B. POTTIER, C. FRETIGNY, L. TALINI, Physical Review Letters 114 (2015) 227801.
  • Submicrometric films of surface-attached polymer network with temperature-responsive properties, M. LI, B. BRESSON, F. COUSIN, C. FRETIGNY, Y. TRAN, Langmuir 31 42 (2015) 11516-24.
  • Normal contact and friction of rubber with model randomly rough surfaces, S. YASHIMA, V. ROMERO, E. WANDERSMAN, C. FRETIGNY, M.K. CHAUDHURY, A. CHATEAUMINOIS, A.M. PREVOST, Soft Matter, 11 (2015) 871-881.
  • Determination of the thermal diffusivity of bulk and layered samples by time domain thermoreflectance : Interest of lateral heat diffusion investigation in nanoscale time range, L. BELLIARD, C. FRETIGNY, E. CHARRON, S. VINCENT, B. PERRIN, D. FOURNIER, J. Appl. Phys. 117(6) (2015) 065306.
  • Stabilization of the tilt motion during capillary self-alignment of rectangular chips J. BERTHIER, K. BRAKE, S. MERMOZ, C. FRETIGNY, L. DI CIOCCIO, Sensors & Actuators : A. Physical 234 (2015) 180-187.
  • Perturbation of the Heat Lateral Diffusion by Interface Resistance in Layered Structures C. FRETIGNY, J.-Y. DUQUESNE, D. FOURNIER, Int. J. Thermophys. 36 5-6 (2015) 1281-88.
  • Kinetics of gravity-driven water channels under steady rainfall, C. CEJAS, Y. WEI, R. BAROIS, C. FRETIGNY, D. DURIAN, R. DREYFUS, Phys. Rev. E 90 (2014) 042205
  • Simple analytical model of evapotranspiration in the presence of roots, C. CEJAS, L. HOUGH, J.-C CASTAING, C. FRETIGNY, R. DREYFUS, Phys. Rev. E 90 (2014) 042716
  • Non-Amontons-Coulomb local friction law of randomly rough contact interfaces with rubber, D.T. NGUYEN, E. WARSEMAN, A. PREVOST, Y. LE CHENADEC, C. FRETIGNY, A. CHATEAUMINOIS, Europhys. Lett. 104 (2013) 64001
  • Friction of viscoelastic elastomers with rough surfaces under torsional contact conditions, M. TREJO, C. FRETIGNY, A. CHATEAUMINOIS, Phys. Rev. E 88 (2013) 052401
  • Lateral heat diffusion investigation of a layered structure : Application to the complete thermal characterization of a lithium phosphorous oxynitride, F. XU, C. FRETIGNY, D. FOURNIER, L. BELLIARD, S. VINCENT, B. PERRIN, S. MARTIN, C. SECOUARD, J.-Y. DUQUESNE, Journal of Applied Physics, 113(24) (2013) 244304
  • Contact compliance effects in the frictional response of bioinspired fibrillar adhesives, M. PICCARDO, A. CHATEAUMINOIS, C. FRETIGNY, N.M. PUGNO, M. SITTI, Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 10(83) (2013) 2013.0182
  • Friction of rubber with surfaces patterned with rigid spherical asperities, D. T. NGUYEN, S. RAMAKRISHNA, C. FRETIGNY, N. D. SPENCER, Y. LE CHENADEC, A. CHATEAUMINOIS, Tribology Letters, 49(1) (2013) 135-144
  • Capillary self-alignment of polygonal chips : a generalization for the shift-restoring force, J. BERTHIER, S. MERMOZ, K. BRAKKE, L. SANCHEZ, C. FRETIGNY, L. DI CIOCCIO, Microfluidics and Nanofluidics, 14(5) (2013) 845-858
  • High frequency linear rheology of complex fluids measured from their surface thermal fluctuations, B. POTTIER, A. RAUDSEPP, C. FRETIGNY, F. LEQUEUX, J.-F. PALIERNE, L. TALINI, Journal of Rheology, 57(2) (2013) 441-455

Livre :

  • Les Microscopies à Sonde Locale L. AIGOUY, Y. DEWILDE, C. FRETIGNY Belin, Collection Echelles, Paris, Novembre 2006